portfolio of extended works

This website features the work I have done as the owner and operator of Amy Ann Bespoke. These works shows my ability to communicate with clients and deliver end products unique to their personalities, events and wishes. These projects can be viewed in depth in my project portfolio.

This page features my other work as a multidisciplinary designer and multi-passionate creator. I have crafted brands, designed auxiliary products for established brands, developed unique skills as a digital illustrator, and photographed for personal pleasure as well as professional projects.
I also have a background with a Baccalaureate degree in architectural design. All of these experiences have given me a unique approach to design and a keen interest to utilize those skills to solve problems and satisfy clients.


Design Projects

Aside from the featured projects on this website, I have worked with many other clients to visually communicate both personal and professional brands.



Many of my projects have featured digital illustrations, a skill which I have had the pleasure to develop over the last few years.



I have had the opportunity to shoot for both professionals as well as an avid world traveler. It is my pleasure to view and share the world through the art of photography.

Architectural Work

My work in architectural design is based in my education and has continued to influence my approach to conceptual design.