I am Amy Ann, the designer behind all of these lovely goodies you see here. My grandmother gave me this name, always calling my by both my middle and first names. She is the queen of style and classic beauty- with eternally bright red lips and a stunning closet of shoes (Ferragamo's back then, sparkly Coach sneakers now!) She is also a stickler for etiquette and good manners, passing down the tried and true rules of gracious hostessing (never let them see you sweat!) and correspondence (always hand address!). So it seems natural that this business reflects the name she calls me.

I am here to get to know you so I can produce a product that perfectly fits your personality, allowing you to correspond in the most stylish way! I specialize in wedding invitation suites, branding your special day from the moment your guests open their envelopes. 

Please slip on over to the contact form to drop me a message and I will be happy to respond as quickly as possible!

Enjoy your time here.

Ciao, darling!

things I love



Since 2014, I have been living as an ex-pat in Finland and traveling the world as we go!



...well really any pup!
But I just love these feisty little guys' big personalities!
Although I don't own one yet, I already have the names picked out!



I learned how to cook during my semester studying art history in Florence. Since then, I have had an undying (and sometimes fattening) love of cooking and all things carbs.



Who can resist a classic pump or sassy flat? Not this girl.
They may be taking over my closet, but can you blame me?
They always fit - no matter how many of those carbs I devour!