Project Highlight: Sunny Celebration in Florida

Orange is a very difficult color to make look chic. But when combined with shades of pink, bold green and, of course, hand-made illustrations, it makes a memorable statement. And for a champagne reception in Florida, it is the perfect choice to prepare your guests for the sunny event to come!

The inspiration for this suite started with a desire to create something light hearted and bright, but also tailored and worthy of a wedding (did I mention all the champagne?). This inspiration board was the kick off that lead to bright illustrations of plump oranges and leafy greens. The photos from the inspiration board are not my own, but their sources are listed.

Image sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

After illustrating a wide array of oranges, it seemed necessary to break the pattern with green geometric accents, which found their way into the invitations in the way of a border and contrasting stripe back pattern. A loose, hand-script font was used to finish off the playful nature of these invitations. 

Cant you just see the cumquats floating in bubbly glasses and white linen table cloths?! It's an event I would love to attend, which always makes my job easier- and so much fun!


Using contrasting colors and simple layouts to off set the bold patterns makes this wedding invitation suite charming and unique. Mixing patterns is one of my favorite ways to add a unique flair to invitations. Seal it all with a colored envelope and vintage stamps and the guests are sure to know what kind of party to expect even before their knife slices the envelope.