Project Highlight- Molly's Delicate Baby Shower

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Growing up, my sister always had her stuffed bunny, Emma Bean, with her. Emma traveled everywhere we traveled and was as much a part of our family as either of my sisters. Emma Bean even married my stuffed bear, Honey and they lived happily ever after in stuffed animal bliss.

So when my sister found out she was having a baby girl, I began planning her baby shower invitations in my head almost immediately. 


Actually, even before she found out, I was hoping she would have a girl so that I could feature Emma Bean on the invitations. This project was very special for me, as I was unable to attend the shower for my sister. So I was able to plan the soft, delicate theme of the shower by first designing the cards. Then I left the rest to my mother to plan, which she did based off of the designs I had made. 

Featuring whimsical, delicate flowers and a whispy script, these sweet invitations fit my sister's personality perfectly. I repeated the sweet little bunny onto a small card with information regarding the shower. I like to add extra information cards- not just because it is an affordable way to add more graphics- but also because it gives the invitees a nice sized card to pin up on the refridgerator and remind them about the event. 

French, floral and delicate was the name of the game. I used one of my favorite handwritten sans-serif fonts, Salt & Spices, for the detailed information. It gives just enough of a rustic touch while remaining clean and legible. Melika has become one of my favorite accent scripts to elevate the formality and elegance, without being over-the-top feminine and swishy. 

The envelopes were addressed with a lovely copper metallic ink by myself. When ordering custom invitations, I offer a discounted rate on hand-addressed envelopes. I love for your entire suite to be cohesive and made with love from design til it hits the mail box!

As with a few events before, my family used the beautiful artwork of Cookie Bliss out of Boise, Idaho to create darling little on-theme cookies to match the invitations. I love seeing my work on Laurie's delectable creations, so it is always a pleasure working with her! Be sure to check her out here for your special cookie needs!