Project Highlight- Jessica & Casey's Chateau Wedding

Jessica always had the dream of an elegant French wedding. Instead of taking her large, close family all the way to the land of chateau and baguettes, her wedding brought France to them! Will the talented wedding coordinators, Bliss Events, Jessica and Casey celebrated their special day in the utmost elegance and style. 

The inspiration board was created to capture both the simple elegance and grandure of a French chateau wedding. Inspiration board photos are not my own, but their sources are listed below. 

Photo Sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

After establishing an over all theme, I began to work back and forth with Jessica to help bring her vision to life. As the first part of the wedding that her guests saw, we wanted to make sure that they felt the formality of the entire event from the second they opened their envelopes. The French theme played out through illustrations of the venues, Baroque-style flourishes and the formal request to "repondez s'il vous plait"! A bold monogram offset the extravagant border and was repeated throughout the invitation and event. A hand illustrated map of the wedding events on the information card rounded out the suite. 


The elegance and formality of the wedding was finalized by choosing to print the invitations in a traditional letterpress style on off-shite cotton paper. I work with a local printer, Lady Bug Press, for all my letterpress projects. She is a small independently owned printer who works on a traditional letterpress, one card at a time! This hand-touched quality set these invitations apart!

Finally, I had the opportunity to build Jessica and Casey's fully custom Wedding Website as part of their Grande Affaire package. The website featured their entire wedding party, an in-depth schedule of events for guests to reference, a separate page for registries, an Instagram page linking to their wedding hashtag,  as well as suggestions for dining, drinking and entertainment in their hometown. Take a peek at some of the pages!

For more information about most inclusive package- which includes your own custom website!- go here!

Couple's images from  two birds studio

Couple's images from two birds studio

What is your favorite part of the all-inclusive suite? The illustrations? The print quality? The coordinated website? Let me know below!