Project Hightlight- Nicole's Animated Baby Shower

Nicole and her family have been closely tied for nearly 20 years. So when a story-book themed baby shower was in the works for her and her sweet little Oliver, I was very excited to exercise my drawing hands. I knew that Nicole and her family have a special love- bordering on obsession!- with Disney and the magic of imagination. Knowing this about her and her family made it easy for me to take off with some whimsical illustrations. 

The inspiration board was created to gather together the theme of the party as well as the personality of the guest of honor. Inspiration board photos are not my own, but the image sources have been included. 

Picture Sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Using the inspiration board, I set out a color scheme and set to illustrating some of the best-known story book images. My favorite aspect are the personified animals and objects- I personally love the fork and the spoon! Giving Mother Goose a pearl necklace and sweet blouse was extra fun as well. 

Which illustration is your favorite? Can you name them all? Tell me in the comments!


I have worked previously with the immensely talented baker and artist behind Cookie Bliss in the past. She always does great credit bringing the illustrations to life- in edible form! I love seeing her turn my work into something better- a sweet treat! These cookies were perfect for carrying the theme all the way through the story book shower.


Could you even eat those?! How darling!