Chelsea & Matt's Big Italian Wedding

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Clockwise from top left: 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8

Right from the very onset of this project, Chelsea had a vision. Coming from a strong Italian background, she envisioned a Tuscan inspired wedding, from olive leaves to pops of wine-red. Creating an inspiration board for this wedding was easy: lovely, simple green details and lots of elegance. Looking at the inspiration next to this glimpse of Chelsea nad her bridal party's bouquets, she definitely nailed it! I am in Tuscan heaven!

Photo Courtesy of  Two Birds Studio

Photo Courtesy of Two Birds Studio


She was looking for a traditional invitation with a classic combination of legible fonts. After lots of back and forth, we finally landed on this whispy script combined with a timeless serif font for all the critical details you want to be sure your guests can read! Wreath details were used throughout as well as a simple and elegant border.


When it all came together, printed on a velvety off-white ecru cardstock, these invitations were completely dreamy. There was no doubt that this was a going to be a classic, elegant wedding. She was looking for a traditional invitation with a classic combination of legible fonts


But, of course, the invitations were just the tip of the envelope!

After hand-addressing her envelopes to match the script on the invitations, I also designed many aspects of her day-of goods so that her event was branded and consistent throughout!

A tri-fold ceremony program welcomed guests at the traditional Catholic ceremony inside a historic cathedral. Later at the reception in a Skybox overlooking Idaho's foothills, the tables were elegantly set with coordination place cards, table numbers, gift tags and an Italian-inspired menu. Even the cocktail napkins bore the custom illustrated crest we created for the invitation!


With this a stunningly elegant wedding to start off their lives together, best wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs. Rauh! It is always such a pleasure to be part of someone's special day!


Invitations & Day-of paper goods: Amy Ann Bespoke
Wedding Coordination: Bliss Events
Event Photography: Two Birds Studio

Vineyard Bridal Shower

When Michelle approached me to design a bridal shower invitation for her close friend, I was immediately excited. 



I have worked with Michelle in the past on personal stationery and she is always a great client- in fact, she was one of my first- and I was pleased when she continued to come back.  Not only does she have great taste, but she is also always quick and efficient with her requests and decisions. I send her 3 drafts, she picks one and says, "Print it!".  Her confidence in my work is deeply appreciated.


For this particular project, Michelle was looking for something not too soft for her friend's bridal shower, which would be a day of vineyard-hopping in Idaho (Yes! Idaho has Vineyards! Good ones, too!). As this was a group of ladies in their prime, we wanted something a bit more grown up. I also wanted to steer clear of anything that screamed "Tuscany!!" or any cheesy wine and vineyard motifs. 


I thought about what else made me think of wine regions: Tuscany, California, even Idaho. And I remembered rolling hills of poppies. I utilized a vintage botanical print of a poppy as the main feature of the invitation and let all the other pieces fall into place. 

Of course, with that beautiful, bold red-orange poppy, I had to go with a complimentary soft blue-gray for the remainder of the card. This is a color combination I can't get enough of! The colors compliment each other so beautifully. Its red, white, and blue without saying "Pull out the Bunting!" 


I mixed contrasting fonts to accentuate the important details and add a touch of class on the small script accent. This subtle move gives the card a bit more attitude and keeps it nice and fresh.

We printed on a dreamy 100% cotton savoy brilliant white paper and had a lined white envelope to match. Michelle also contracted me to make the final touches with hand-addressing the envelopes using a matching calligraphy style to the small script accents on the invitation.


This bold piece- a bright vintage bloom paired with modern fonts and a fresh color scheme- was a joy to create! I hope the ladies had as much fun sipping wine in the Idaho country side as I did in crafting this invitation!

Let's Flamingle Ladies Brunch


There seems to be a tropical heat wave in the design industry. 

From the brightly colored colonial buildings of the Bahamas, to the mid-century chic domiciles of Palm Springs, palm prints are the thing of the moment. We are seeing it on everything from textiles to wallpapers, swim suits to home goods, and most especially in stationary design. 


So cool, in fact, that I chose the theme for a shower I hosted for my best friend. It offered bright and sunny colors -perfect for her- and was a happy departure from the muted tones of the last few seasons. 

I wanted to find a way to create a bright and sunny theme that wasn't too expected and managed to be girly, yet modern. And the best way to do that was to throw it back!

Starting with a sassy, heavily lashed flamingo illustration, I allowed this feature to inform the rest of the card. From there, I created a palm and banana leaf pattern to set off the bright pink of our lady-Flamingo.


Settling on a font was SO easy for this! I love using Selfie whenever I get the chance- it isn't perfect more most weddings, but it is a great script for parties; it is legible, with enough swoops to keep it fun and feminine and a thick monoline to keep things fresh. Accents were made in my go-to Modern No.2 and Champagne & Limousines. 

Some cheeky wording and a personalized illustration of the bride as a pin-up girl came together to create a truly unique Bridal Shower Invitation Suite! I topped it all off (because I am always over the top!) with a custom stamp and sealing sticker. I just couldn't get enough of that cute flamingo!

I hand-addressed these using a light pink ink and a big, fun, swooping script so that each guest would know they are in for something unique and fun the second they saw the envelope come through the mail slot! 


I was extra excited to be the one to plan and throw this shower. I wanted to carry the fun color and illustration themes throughout the party, so the guests felt they were part of a tropical garden party from start to finish. 

The best part of hiring a designer to do custom work is that you can then use their designs throughout the party as well. When you utilize one of my packages, you maximize your budget by spreading the design costs across as many pieces as possible. Once I have created that design for you, re-applying it to multiple products is a breeze (and extra fun for me!) This is the advantage of event branding, versus picking up items for your event piecemeal. That, and who doesn't love a themed party??

My Petit Fete Package is ideal for small parties like showers and other intimate celebrations.


Using the illustrations I created for the invitation, I created food labels and custom cocktail napkins for the sangria bar. My friend from the Lettering Fern helped me out with the hand lettering for the labels and place settings- isn't her script so cute?

I also printed a blown-up version of the pin-up illustration for a rowdy game of "Pin the Coconuts on the Bride" which, after a few Sangrias, was a hilarious addition to the party!


This bright and cheery bridal shower was a great way to shower a bride full of color and joy with all the love! Utilizing graphics designed for the invitations throughout the party helped to create a lovely, cohesive theme that the guests couldn't help but get into. 

Another bonus of well-themed and worded invitations? Everyone has a clue of what to wear, so you don't have to answer all those phone calls wondering if it is more of a jeans-or-sundress sort of event!


Project Highlight- Molly's Delicate Baby Shower

Image Sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 

Growing up, my sister always had her stuffed bunny, Emma Bean, with her. Emma traveled everywhere we traveled and was as much a part of our family as either of my sisters. Emma Bean even married my stuffed bear, Honey and they lived happily ever after in stuffed animal bliss.

So when my sister found out she was having a baby girl, I began planning her baby shower invitations in my head almost immediately. 


Actually, even before she found out, I was hoping she would have a girl so that I could feature Emma Bean on the invitations. This project was very special for me, as I was unable to attend the shower for my sister. So I was able to plan the soft, delicate theme of the shower by first designing the cards. Then I left the rest to my mother to plan, which she did based off of the designs I had made. 

Featuring whimsical, delicate flowers and a whispy script, these sweet invitations fit my sister's personality perfectly. I repeated the sweet little bunny onto a small card with information regarding the shower. I like to add extra information cards- not just because it is an affordable way to add more graphics- but also because it gives the invitees a nice sized card to pin up on the refridgerator and remind them about the event. 

French, floral and delicate was the name of the game. I used one of my favorite handwritten sans-serif fonts, Salt & Spices, for the detailed information. It gives just enough of a rustic touch while remaining clean and legible. Melika has become one of my favorite accent scripts to elevate the formality and elegance, without being over-the-top feminine and swishy. 

The envelopes were addressed with a lovely copper metallic ink by myself. When ordering custom invitations, I offer a discounted rate on hand-addressed envelopes. I love for your entire suite to be cohesive and made with love from design til it hits the mail box!

As with a few events before, my family used the beautiful artwork of Cookie Bliss out of Boise, Idaho to create darling little on-theme cookies to match the invitations. I love seeing my work on Laurie's delectable creations, so it is always a pleasure working with her! Be sure to check her out here for your special cookie needs!


Project Highlight- Jessica & Casey's Chateau Wedding

Jessica always had the dream of an elegant French wedding. Instead of taking her large, close family all the way to the land of chateau and baguettes, her wedding brought France to them! Will the talented wedding coordinators, Bliss Events, Jessica and Casey celebrated their special day in the utmost elegance and style. 

The inspiration board was created to capture both the simple elegance and grandure of a French chateau wedding. Inspiration board photos are not my own, but their sources are listed below. 

Photo Sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

After establishing an over all theme, I began to work back and forth with Jessica to help bring her vision to life. As the first part of the wedding that her guests saw, we wanted to make sure that they felt the formality of the entire event from the second they opened their envelopes. The French theme played out through illustrations of the venues, Baroque-style flourishes and the formal request to "repondez s'il vous plait"! A bold monogram offset the extravagant border and was repeated throughout the invitation and event. A hand illustrated map of the wedding events on the information card rounded out the suite. 


The elegance and formality of the wedding was finalized by choosing to print the invitations in a traditional letterpress style on off-shite cotton paper. I work with a local printer, Lady Bug Press, for all my letterpress projects. She is a small independently owned printer who works on a traditional letterpress, one card at a time! This hand-touched quality set these invitations apart!

Finally, I had the opportunity to build Jessica and Casey's fully custom Wedding Website as part of their Grande Affaire package. The website featured their entire wedding party, an in-depth schedule of events for guests to reference, a separate page for registries, an Instagram page linking to their wedding hashtag,  as well as suggestions for dining, drinking and entertainment in their hometown. Take a peek at some of the pages!

For more information about most inclusive package- which includes your own custom website!- go here!

Couple's images from  two birds studio

Couple's images from two birds studio

What is your favorite part of the all-inclusive suite? The illustrations? The print quality? The coordinated website? Let me know below!

Project Highlight: Sunny Celebration in Florida

Orange is a very difficult color to make look chic. But when combined with shades of pink, bold green and, of course, hand-made illustrations, it makes a memorable statement. And for a champagne reception in Florida, it is the perfect choice to prepare your guests for the sunny event to come!

The inspiration for this suite started with a desire to create something light hearted and bright, but also tailored and worthy of a wedding (did I mention all the champagne?). This inspiration board was the kick off that lead to bright illustrations of plump oranges and leafy greens. The photos from the inspiration board are not my own, but their sources are listed.

Image sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

After illustrating a wide array of oranges, it seemed necessary to break the pattern with green geometric accents, which found their way into the invitations in the way of a border and contrasting stripe back pattern. A loose, hand-script font was used to finish off the playful nature of these invitations. 

Cant you just see the cumquats floating in bubbly glasses and white linen table cloths?! It's an event I would love to attend, which always makes my job easier- and so much fun!


Using contrasting colors and simple layouts to off set the bold patterns makes this wedding invitation suite charming and unique. Mixing patterns is one of my favorite ways to add a unique flair to invitations. Seal it all with a colored envelope and vintage stamps and the guests are sure to know what kind of party to expect even before their knife slices the envelope.


Project Hightlight- Nicole's Animated Baby Shower

Nicole and her family have been closely tied for nearly 20 years. So when a story-book themed baby shower was in the works for her and her sweet little Oliver, I was very excited to exercise my drawing hands. I knew that Nicole and her family have a special love- bordering on obsession!- with Disney and the magic of imagination. Knowing this about her and her family made it easy for me to take off with some whimsical illustrations. 

The inspiration board was created to gather together the theme of the party as well as the personality of the guest of honor. Inspiration board photos are not my own, but the image sources have been included. 

Picture Sources: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Using the inspiration board, I set out a color scheme and set to illustrating some of the best-known story book images. My favorite aspect are the personified animals and objects- I personally love the fork and the spoon! Giving Mother Goose a pearl necklace and sweet blouse was extra fun as well. 

Which illustration is your favorite? Can you name them all? Tell me in the comments!


I have worked previously with the immensely talented baker and artist behind Cookie Bliss in the past. She always does great credit bringing the illustrations to life- in edible form! I love seeing her turn my work into something better- a sweet treat! These cookies were perfect for carrying the theme all the way through the story book shower.


Could you even eat those?! How darling!